Trip to Rome

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P1000723, originally uploaded by Jaspio.

Recently (just before Christmas) I went to visit the glorious city of Rome, Italy.

I made a lot of snaps. The sights were just amazing, the ancient Roman architecture the gorgeous Baroque churches. I really was blown away!

To share the 318 (!) photo’s I opened up a Flickr account (

I had never used this site before and I was very pleasantly surprised. It really does work well with AJAX and Web 2.0 tech.

My favourite app was the mapper: allowing you to place your photos on a map. Check it out: I’ve mapped every single photo in my album!

Have fun and enjoy my holiday pictures!

Me Grimlock like new body

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Yesterday, i received my geek box from

I ordered a a Transformers Binaltech "Grimlock" and a new Gundam model.

The Transformer was especially exciting as this was my first Japanese Binaltech. These are higher quality versions of the American Alternators series. There is a lot less cheap plastic and a lot more diecast metal to play with. It all makes for a much more sturdy and robust action figure.

Phonecam shot of Binaltech Grimlock

Although I’m not really a fan of American cars (they’re too boxy, brash and "messy" for my liking), this car isn’t bad; its nice and shiiinyyy 😉
Another thing i really liked about this figure is that the head is very much like the original G1 Grimlock head. Ah the memories…

As for the Gundam, I ordered the high quality "Master Grade" version of the famed F91. It is a luxury version of the existing model, 1/100 scale, completely buildable without exoskeleton. It has at least ten sheets of parts, so its going to be a long build. Can’t wait!