Family Guy – Saving Private Brian

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The wait was long (more than 6 weeks), but I finally got to see a shiny new episode of Family Guy.

In last sundays episode, Stewie signs himself and Brian into the army and get themselves shipped off to Iraq.

Meanwhile, Chris gets himself caught up in a rebellious phase when he joins a rock band.

Although both subjects could have made the show great, its these two that dragged it down. Both are so old and tired that nothing new and shocking could be done with.

I’m sad to say I was disappointed with this episode.

Please Seth McFarlane, make a better one next time!!

Family Guys is back! And more popular than ever..

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It turns out that like many, I was eager for the newest episode of Family Guy, the hit animation show for adults.

Their latest episode, Saving Private Brian (s6e04), has probably been one of the most actively downloaded BitTorrent file I’ve ever scraped.

Almost 6000 seeders and 4000 leechers, absolutely amazing!

Screenshot of majorly active BitTorrent file of latest Family Guy episode

Can’t wait to see it!

How to Block IE 7 from Auto-Installing

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Supporting many legacy web applications and systems can be a pain if you are suddenly forced to install a complete new browser platform.

As of October 2006, Microsoft is pushing the installation of Internet Explorer version 7 as a critical update. This means that it will push through most people’s Windows Update settings.

Although the user still has to accept the installation of IE7 per se, it’s still annoying to have the setup popup on your screen when you are not really interested in it.

How to prevent the update package from being installed

Its a simple matter of creating and setting a single registry key:

HLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Setup/7.0 then add the DWORD value [DoNotAllowIE70] and set it to "1" (true).

Thanks to Amit Agarwal‘s great article on Blocking IE7.