Ever get stuck at an airport and all the (cheap) hotels are booked?
Find out where the best places to sleep are!

With tonnes of recommendation and reviews this site is both informative and fun to read!

An example of a review of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport by "Jimmerwoo":

"I notice this site talks alot about seats and comfy chairs but there is a better place than all of these and its free! But it can only be used at night time….when the kids are asleep/not there.
The Kiddies Play Pen on the upper floor near McDonalds and the Internet Cafe!! Its like a big bath of plastic balls and cushions! It was packed full of sleeping Australian adults when I found it, but just enough room for me. In the event of a delay, dont even bother trying to find a hotel. Just head straight for this place…Its Ace!’"