The first day at Shimla was fine. The weather was fair but because it was so icy I had to make the 30 minute walk. Wow was that a shock to the system at 2100 meters up! Panting and heaving I made the walk in one piece.

I was glad to chat with Esem, a colleaugue from Amsterdam. He give me the first intro in how things work around here. Walking all the way round the other side of the hill we made it to the training centre.

After a quick introduction to the premises I was introduced to my teacher. Deepak is a quiet and concise guy and is explanations are spot on and very clear. I have a feeling he’ll get the best out of me yet.

The work was hard and the day long: there was a lot to cram into my my poor little brain.

To blow off some steam I met up with the other students to go out todinner. Thank goodness my first night out was at a western stylerestaurant. After a relatively fair meal we went to the hotel bar whereI got to know the guys a bit better. I especially liked talking toJason and Mike, two English guys also here for certifications.

With a nice glow in my face and a filled belly I gladly landed in my queen-size bed.

Day 4

Today was a little easier on the brain with subjects such as assemblies and setup features in .NET 2.0. Apart from that I helped him get rid of some nasty viruses on his laptop. He was really surprised how much I knew and I think he now respects me more than he already did.

It’s almost dinner time here, so I’ve got to wrap up. I’ll try and get the photo’s up later tonight.

One last thing: let it be known that my good ol’ bro (Sjoerd) turned 27 today. Hurray! Congrats dude, hope you had a great day.