It’s been a hectic few days for me: I was just about to leave my currentemployer for a major ICT service contractor (already having signed my newcontract) when I was offered the position I’ve wanted ever since I graduated.

As of January, I’ll no longer be the stressed out and overworked servicetechnician but the stressed and worked out web developer! Yeah.

Seriously, I’ll no longer be fixing broken websites, taking customers inquiries about what they did wrong in their CMS etc. What a relief!

From January onwards, I’ll be joining the Marketing-Communications team at Tam Tam. There I’ll be working on new and enterprising website projects. Building websites with Microsoft Office SharePoint Services 2007, ASP.NET 2.0 and the like. I can’t wait.

And as I grow from code hacker to code builder to who-knows-what, I intend to blog more often and more in depth as I get to grips with this new technology and programming in general.

Watch this space!

: P