I just wanted to share the current status of my Transformers collection.

* Ricochet (Alternators)* Grimlock (Binaltech)* Skids (Alternators)* Soundwave (G1 original)* Gundam Astray Red Frame (1/44 Bandai model)* Optimus Prime (Alternators)

As many of my friends and some colleagues know, I’ve recently started collecting new Transformers action figures ever since my interest in Transformers was re-awakened by the upcoming Transformers: The Movie directed by Michael Bay.

As of today, I currently own:

  1. Optimus Prime (Masterpiece MP-04 edtion)
  2. Grimlock (Binaltech edition)
  3. Meister (Alternators edition)
  4. Optimus Prime (Alternators edition)
  5. Rollbar (Alternators edition)
  6. Ricochet (Alternators edition)
  7. Skids (Alternators edition)
  8. Tracks (Alternators edition)

These toys for big boys are from from the simple toys of yesteryearbut rather highly detailed, ingeniously constructed pieces ofindustrial art.

My Transformers Display Cabinet Masterpiece Optimus Prime MP-04(with trailer). * Blaster (original G1)* Meister (Alternators)* Tracks (Alternators)* Rollbar (Alternators)

I can’t get enough of these and watch this space as I expand my collection!