Today I received my very own Masterpiece Megatron.

As proud owner of this exclusive toy marvel I’d like to share some pictures with you:

Masterpiece Megatron in Robot Mode

Here is the Masterpiece Megatron in all his robot glory

And here he is as the iconic Walther p38.

Masterpiece Megatron as a Walther P38

With this latest addition to my Transformers collection I now own the following:

  1. Optimus Prime (Masterpiece MP-04 edtion)
  2. Grimlock (Binaltech edition)
  3. Meister (Alternators edition)
  4. Optimus Prime (Alternators edition)
  5. Rollbar (Alternators edition)
  6. Ricochet (Alternators edition)
  7. Skids (Alternators edition)
  8. Tracks (Alternators edition)
  9. Dead End (Binaltech edition)
  10. Starscream (Masterpiece edition)
  11. Rumble (Alternators edition)
  12. Megatron (Masterpiece edition)

I had great fun transforming Megatron: it was probably one of the hardest in my collection.

The legs fold back 3 times, the arms need to be snapped really tightly to fit properly and getting the stock snapped onto the barrel can be real tricky.

Nonetheless, I had great fun with this figure and it really deserves its place in my display cabinet.

Props to Takara for an excellent piece of technology!