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Everyone that uses a computer to generate content (a word processor, design in Photoshop) has at some point run into a situation where one needs to emulate a font. Only problem is that you don’t know the name of the exact font or a font that is similar.

This is where WhatTheFont? comes in. It is an application that helps you identify a particular font.


You first upload or link an image for it to examine.
Next, the OCR needs some help. And voilà, you’ve found your font.

As this the recognition is actually quite good, you can skip the browsing through entire catalogues of fonts.

A real time saver!

My Transformers Collection So Far

I just wanted to share the current status of my Transformers collection.

* Ricochet (Alternators)* Grimlock (Binaltech)* Skids (Alternators)* Soundwave (G1 original)* Gundam Astray Red Frame (1/44 Bandai model)* Optimus Prime (Alternators)

As many of my friends and some colleagues know, I’ve recently started collecting new Transformers action figures ever since my interest in Transformers was re-awakened by the upcoming Transformers: The Movie directed by Michael Bay.

As of today, I currently own:

  1. Optimus Prime (Masterpiece MP-04 edtion)
  2. Grimlock (Binaltech edition)
  3. Meister (Alternators edition)
  4. Optimus Prime (Alternators edition)
  5. Rollbar (Alternators edition)
  6. Ricochet (Alternators edition)
  7. Skids (Alternators edition)
  8. Tracks (Alternators edition)

These toys for big boys are from from the simple toys of yesteryearbut rather highly detailed, ingeniously constructed pieces ofindustrial art.

My Transformers Display Cabinet Masterpiece Optimus Prime MP-04(with trailer). * Blaster (original G1)* Meister (Alternators)* Tracks (Alternators)* Rollbar (Alternators)

I can’t get enough of these and watch this space as I expand my collection!

Spelling Checker in Firefox 2.0

Spelling checkers used to be somewhat of a chore on the net.

For a long time, I used to prepare my texts in a real word processor before pasting them in a browser. Then came the add-ons and extensions that added the functionality to the browser. Sadly, many of these efforts failed because the dictionaries were so limited that the effect of these tools was minimal.

Thanks to the massive open-source team now involved in developing Firefox and the Mozilla family, there are now good dependable dictionaries that are directly usable in any web form you want!

As a fan of Firefox I’ve been giving the spelling a go and I can positively say that it really works well. It’s really helped me reduce the amount of typo’s I make. And that is a great thing. But how does it work?

Let Jaspio show you:

When you install Firefox, the corresponding dictionary is embedded into your browser. As I installed the En-US version of Firefox, I have this dictionary as well.

Although American English is fine for most people, I was educated in real English and so I wanted to be able to use the En-GB dictionary. You can do this by downloading the En-GB dictionary from the Firefox Add-on library. (You’ll have to restart Firefox to be able to use the new dictionary).

Next, when you are using a web form with a multi line input you can tell Firefox that you would like to use the built-in spelling checker by right-clicking on the field and checking "Spell check this field".

Activate Spell Check for the form field

The next time you right-click on the field you will see the languages you have installed and from which you can choose.

Select the desired dictionary

After enabling the language of your choice, the spell checker kicks in and uses a thin red underline to show you which words are incorrectly spelled. When you right-click on such a word, you will be presented with a few alternatives.

The spell checker in action

I hope this has been helpful to you!

Your feedback is always appreciated.

Trip to Rome

P1000723, originally uploaded by Jaspio.

Recently (just before Christmas) I went to visit the glorious city of Rome, Italy.

I made a lot of snaps. The sights were just amazing, the ancient Roman architecture the gorgeous Baroque churches. I really was blown away!

To share the 318 (!) photo’s I opened up a Flickr account (

I had never used this site before and I was very pleasantly surprised. It really does work well with AJAX and Web 2.0 tech.

My favourite app was the mapper: allowing you to place your photos on a map. Check it out: I’ve mapped every single photo in my album!

Have fun and enjoy my holiday pictures!

Me Grimlock like new body


Yesterday, i received my geek box from

I ordered a a Transformers Binaltech "Grimlock" and a new Gundam model.

The Transformer was especially exciting as this was my first Japanese Binaltech. These are higher quality versions of the American Alternators series. There is a lot less cheap plastic and a lot more diecast metal to play with. It all makes for a much more sturdy and robust action figure.

Phonecam shot of Binaltech Grimlock

Although I’m not really a fan of American cars (they’re too boxy, brash and "messy" for my liking), this car isn’t bad; its nice and shiiinyyy 😉
Another thing i really liked about this figure is that the head is very much like the original G1 Grimlock head. Ah the memories…

As for the Gundam, I ordered the high quality "Master Grade" version of the famed F91. It is a luxury version of the existing model, 1/100 scale, completely buildable without exoskeleton. It has at least ten sheets of parts, so its going to be a long build. Can’t wait!

Family Guy – Saving Private Brian

The wait was long (more than 6 weeks), but I finally got to see a shiny new episode of Family Guy.

In last sundays episode, Stewie signs himself and Brian into the army and get themselves shipped off to Iraq.

Meanwhile, Chris gets himself caught up in a rebellious phase when he joins a rock band.

Although both subjects could have made the show great, its these two that dragged it down. Both are so old and tired that nothing new and shocking could be done with.

I’m sad to say I was disappointed with this episode.

Please Seth McFarlane, make a better one next time!!

How to Block IE 7 from Auto-Installing

Supporting many legacy web applications and systems can be a pain if you are suddenly forced to install a complete new browser platform.

As of October 2006, Microsoft is pushing the installation of Internet Explorer version 7 as a critical update. This means that it will push through most people’s Windows Update settings.

Although the user still has to accept the installation of IE7 per se, it’s still annoying to have the setup popup on your screen when you are not really interested in it.

How to prevent the update package from being installed

Its a simple matter of creating and setting a single registry key:

HLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Setup/7.0 then add the DWORD value [DoNotAllowIE70] and set it to "1" (true).

Thanks to Amit Agarwal‘s great article on Blocking IE7.

Moving on…

It’s been a hectic few days for me: I was just about to leave my currentemployer for a major ICT service contractor (already having signed my newcontract) when I was offered the position I’ve wanted ever since I graduated.

As of January, I’ll no longer be the stressed out and overworked servicetechnician but the stressed and worked out web developer! Yeah.

Seriously, I’ll no longer be fixing broken websites, taking customers inquiries about what they did wrong in their CMS etc. What a relief!

From January onwards, I’ll be joining the Marketing-Communications team at Tam Tam. There I’ll be working on new and enterprising website projects. Building websites with Microsoft Office SharePoint Services 2007, ASP.NET 2.0 and the like. I can’t wait.

And as I grow from code hacker to code builder to who-knows-what, I intend to blog more often and more in depth as I get to grips with this new technology and programming in general.

Watch this space!

: P

Too many connections on Linksys router

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been having major issues with my broadband router.

My Linksys WRT54G router with the excellent DD-WRT opensource firmware just kept on crashing and stifling my internet connections.

After perusing the various newgroups, I found the answer. It turns out that many routers tend to go haywire when the MTU is not set correctly. It turns out that the auto setting just doesn’t work correctly.
I then followed Linksys’ advice on finding the right MTU setting an entered this into the router.

I no longer have 400 of 500 connections on my router anymore!